Welcome to Carlsbad Montessori Center!

Thank you for your interest!

We are a private Montessori school based on the philosophy of freeing the child’s potential in a stimulating environment. Our Montessori program is based on the system used in Montessori schools all over the United States for decades with exceptional results.  We are proud of our rich heritage and we stay true to the Montessori method. Our carefully prepared environment and wonderful teachers will allow your child to develop self-confidence and independence that inspires self-discipline and a love of learning which will remain throughout their life.

We strive to create an atmosphere of deep mutual respect between faculty and students. We are very proud of our internationally diverse faculty, student body and gender-equitable interscholastic sports. We offer a customized, flexible education in early childhood and elementary that allows each child to develop according to their own pace. Students are guided in the creation of educational projects, leadership and character development.

We are currently enrolling!